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“They belonged to each other and no matter what life may hold for them, it could never alter that their happiness was in each other’s keeping.”
-Lucy Maud Montgomery

For Marie and Micah, fate and happy circumstances play a huge part in their relationship. They met online, in fact Micah thought that Marie must actually be a fake account/bot at first because she just seemed so perfect. The truth was, she was real and she WAS perfect: for Micah. And though they met by chance, it was no accident that these two were thrown together by the universe; with shared life passions and close relationships with their respective siblings in common they soon realized they were meant to be together.

So on a Saturday in August, at a quintessential Vermont wedding barn on a dirt road, loved ones gathered from all over the globe to celebrate the love between these two truly wonderful people. Marie’s family is French-Canadian and so there were both French and English signs greeting guests to the ceremony and reception sites, along with the couple’s adorable hashtag #kissedbyarose. I mean, how could they NOT use that, with Micah’s last name being Rose?! There were pink roses everywhere too, and even little white paper roses for guests to bless with wishes for the couple during the ceremony. As if that weren’t enough special touches already, Marie’s friend and bridesmaid made their gorgeous three layer wedding cake (with apple pie filling!) and Micah’s aunt ran their absolutely adorable photo booth in the corner of the barn. It was amazing to see how much love surrounds this couple.

If you’ve read my blog before, you obviously know how much I LOVE love, and weddings, and romance. There always seems to be one special moment from each wedding that I am a part of that sticks in my brain and defines the day for me. I would be hard-pressed to find just one moment during Marie and Micah’s wedding day that stands out above the rest, but if you forced me to it would be this: their first dance. Beyond being an ultra-romantic moment at most weddings, this bride and groom had their siblings sing their song, backed up by acoustic guitars. I mean, talk about *swoon*. The song was called “Bloom” by The Paper Kites, by the way and it was perfection.

I know I have a tendency to get gushy when it comes to “my” couples but I can’t even be sorry. The theme of the day was magic and I can’t think of a more fitting word for Marie and Micah’s Skinner Barn wedding. Pure magic, from beginning to end. Thank you both for making Ever After a part of your day; I can assure you that I will treasure the memories of your wedding day nearly as much as you will. Congrats Marie and Micah, and Mazel Tov!


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Venue: The Skinner Barn
Catering: Catering By Dale
Bar: The Hideaway Tavern
Wedding Dress: Casablanca Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Lulu
Linens: Vermont Tent Company
Photography: Ever After Photography


Marie and Micah’s Summer Wedding at The Skinner Barn in Waitsfield, Vermont



Images by Elysha Thurston. Design by Foil & Ink