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“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life.” -Elsie de Wolfe

Hello lovelies! It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve blogged; I’ve been a bit of a hermit over the long winter and haven’t really forced myself to sit down and write as much as I should. But with wedding season just around the corner I have been doing a lot of really intentional reflecting on not only why I do what I do but how I can make Ever After an even better version of itself as time goes on. Off season is generally spent on education and website overhauls and I definitely did quite a bit of both this year. I hope you love the new look for the site, including the addition of our videography services and transparent pricing guide (click here!).

Among the three business courses I have been working on, every single one started with an exercise in “finding your why”. I’ve done this before, had a general idea of what motivates me to continue being a photographer, and kind of stuck that in a drawer and focused on other things. But I’ve really started to focus on living my life with intention, being decisive, and actively going after my dreams. Part of my big picture dream is to have my business be a true reflection of myself, in order to serve the clients I love and who hold the same values as I do. So why wedding photography?

For me, it’s not (just) about the elegant gowns and beautiful details. The sense of celebration, the joy of two people joining their lives together, and the authentic emotion that flows throughout the day are what really drive me. Even after photographing nearly fifty weddings, I can honestly say that no two wedding days have ever unfolded the same as any other. So my why really has nothing to do with me at all – it’s that indescribable moment when I click the shutter and create an image that captures the beauty of feeling that makes being a wedding photographer so rewarding.

Nothing quite captures that raw emotion more authentically than black and white. It strips away the distractions, zeroing in on an exact moment when life unfolded in a way it hadn’t before. There are certain images that beg to be black and white as I’m editing and it’s nothing I can put into words in an articulate way. Yet as soon as I’ve adjusted the image, I can feel it. A timelessness that had to be captured in just that way. It might be during a first look, or while a couple is dancing together, or just a spontaneous moment of laughter. These are the wedding photos that stand the test of time and could hang on the wall for the world to see and still elicit a reaction a hundred years from now. It’s as simple, as complex, as inexplicable as love itself.


For this post, I challenged myself to choose a favorite black and white image from each of my wedding client galleries from the last two years. OMG it was one of the hardest assignments ever! There’s already something special about an image to make me turn it black and white in the first place, so to sort through and pick one that stood out above the rest was nearly impossible. As I was doing this though, I realized more than ever the value of a moment captured for all time. I relived so many beautiful weddings just by a quick scroll through my online galleries and I urge all of you happy couples out there to take the time to walk down memory lane together by looking through your wedding photos, no matter if it’s been a few months or a few decades since you said I do. I promise you won’t regret it.

So here they are: my all-time favorite black and white wedding photos (well, a few dozen of them at least). Tell me what you think in the comments – are you more likely to hang a photo on your wall if it’s black and white or in color? As much as I LOVE color, my black and white gallery wall going up the stairs of my house is my favorite art in my home!

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In Love Ever After: The Emotion of Black and White Wedding Photos



Images by Elysha Thurston. Design by Foil & Ink