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“No one else, Love, will sleep in my dreams. You will go, we will go together, over the waters of time. No one else will travel through the shadows with me, only you, evergreen, ever sun, ever moon.”
-Pablo Neruda

Eileena and Zach met at work, became friends, had a casual coffee date that turned into a four hour long conversation that neither one wanted to end. This blossomed into a romance that changed them both and made each of them feel complete. It is a fine beginning to a love story, yet it barely scratches the surface of who these two are together. They connect to one another, drawn like magnets that can’t resist the pull. Their eyes search for one another across the crowd whenever they are in the same vicinity. And the moment that the connection happens, you can see them visibly relax. This is what soul mates look like in real life.

You all know I LOVE love. Romance and passion and heartfulness, these are the things that drive me. And while every wedding is ultimately about love, it is rare to celebrate that love in such a way that the whole group feels a part of it. Eileena and Zach ticked all the boxes for an intimate and joyful celebration. They gathered their very closest family and friends from all corners of the world to witness them become husband and wife among the English gardens of the Inn at Shelburne Farms. The scattering of rain clouds only added to the romantic atmosphere and the stunning backdrop of Lake Champlain behind them as they said I do.

Zach’s dad officiated the ceremony, a job that he took on with full enthusiasm and a glad heart, even though he had never done such a thing before. There is something so truly special about having a loved one officiate your wedding. It makes the whole experience more emotional for everyone and lends an air of intimacy no matter the size of the wedding. Eileena and Zach had both told me that they were most looking forward to the ceremony, to just being officially married to each other and that fact shone from their faces as the were pronounced husband and wife.

There was no shortage of magical moments on their wedding day, but just before the couple went into their dinner celebration a rainbow broke out across the sky. I had anticipated one all day and Mother Nature did not disappoint. As the colors glowed behind them, the two shared a moment that few couples can claim: a kiss beneath a rainbow on their wedding day. It seems to me that is the perfect token to take into their marriage. Although there may be rain, there will also be rainbows and gardens full of flowers.

Thank you Eileena and Zach, for bringing me into your inner circle for the day. I hope it is the first of many incredibly happy, magical celebrations in your life together.

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Venue/Catering: Inn at Shelburne Farms
Flowers: Kathy and Company
Wedding Gown: Everthine
Hair: Erin McKenna
Makeup: Vivian Infantino
Photo/Video: Ever After Vermont


In Love Ever After: Eileena and Zach – A Garden Wedding at the Inn at Shelburne Farms



Images by Elysha Thurston. Design by Foil & Ink