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“In one kiss
you’ll know all
I haven’t said.”
-Pablo Neruda

When you know, you know. And when Raechel and Peter realized they wanted the rest of their lives together, they just couldn’t wait for the rest of their lives to begin. So they quickly pulled together a small, intimate wedding last winter with thoughts of celebrating their love with friends and family later on. The celebration that they put together was one of the most unique, love-filled days I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of, with a couple that is so obviously meant to be together.

A little word of warning: if you don’t enjoy golden retrievers, food trucks, s’mores, or fields of golden grasses, then maybe this post isn’t for you. (And maybe we can’t be friends.) Seriously though: as much as I loved being Raechel and Peter’s wedding photographer, I have never in my life wanted to be a wedding guest more than I did at this one. There were hand-painted signs leading the way from the parking area in a field, on footpaths cut through the tall grass and wildflowers, onto the lawn where the ceremony took place in front of the oldest oak tree in Charlotte. To my great delight, there was an old-fashioned tree swing hanging from a branch of the oak just perfect for taking photos. The guests gathered casually on the lawn as Peter’s mom performed a deeply personal and beautiful ceremony, interrupted by a moment of hilarity as the couple’s dog Millie decided she needed to “do her business” right next to them. As we had done the formal photos earlier, it was quite literally party time at that point and Raechel and Peter led the way to the back lawn. An open-sided tent filled with farmhouse tables was set up for guests who wanted to sit and chat, and the tables were covered in flowers that Raechel grew herself. Guests could also mingle casually at cocktail tables strewn on the lawn in front of the Arts Riot food truck, or gather in lawn chairs by the fire and roast marshmallows.

Though the bride and groom wandered separately at times, their eyes always sought each other out and they would end up side by side. So as the golden sun started to slide its way toward the mountains, I grabbed them for a few more photos in the wildflowers. The evening air was chilly but the love between these two was warm and cozy as they danced to a song only they could hear while the sun set behind them.

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for including me in your magical, perfect wedding day Raechel and Peter. It will live on in my memory, and many others, as a truly special moment in time. <3

Venue: Backyard in Charlotte, Vermont
Tent/Tables: Vermont Tent Company
Decor Rentals: Nectar and Root
Wedding Dress: Everthine Bridal
Hair: Ringlet Studio
Flowers: Bride Raechel Dysart
Catering: ArtsRiot
Dessert: Ben and Jerry’s
Photography: Ever After


Beautiful Boho Backyard Wedding in Charlotte – Raechel and Peter: Married!



Images by Elysha Thurston. Design by Foil & Ink