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Meet Elysha: I was the girl who planned Barbie weddings, watched Father of the Bride and The Wedding Planner endlessly, and clipped photos out of bridal magazines long before Pinterest made it easy. After years working in bridal retail, I became a stay-at-home mom and started soul searching. I wanted a career where I could be based from home but could still be involved in the magic of weddings. So I relearned photography (it had changed a lot since my darkroom days in college) and began my journey into the life I had always dreamed about..

Meet Matt: Elysha convinced Matt to come along with her on some of her first weddings, originally to just carry bags and assist, and then as a second shooter. As he learned more and gained more experience, Matt grew interested in videography. When he's not helping Elysha with weddings, he can be found at his "regular job" as a nurse, helping to coach high school wrestling, or at the family sugar house.



Meet Danica: When Elysha's younger sister expressed an interest in photography and working weddings, Elysha quickly decided that teaching Danica and keeping her on board as second photographer was a great move to make for Ever After. She picked up the skill quickly and is a huge asset to the team. Consider yourself forewarned though - if there is a dog (or any other furry friend) at your wedding, Danica will be sure to steal their affection. 


Images by Elysha Thurston/Ever After